Who We Are And What We Do


Construction Materials Inc. was founded in Montgomery, AL in 1968. From the original location we have grown our locations, product offerings and service to become one of the largest building materials distributors in the nation. CM has always been family owned and operated and remains that way today. We have strived to provide the highest quality of Service and Solutions for the construction community for the last 50 years.


Construction Materials now employs over 300 people and operates 18 branches in 6 states. We provide products for concrete, masonry and waterproofing projects from well known manufacturers such as BASF, WR Grace, Dayton Superior and Owens Corning. We currently work with more than 600 manufacturing partners allowing us to provide the products needed by the industry. In addition to finished products we also provide pre-fabricated rebar packages in almost all of our facilities.

CM Locations :


Florida Alabama Other
Jacksonville Panama City Beach Birmingham Atlanta, GA
Ft. Myers Orlando Montgomery Houston, TX (2)
Ft. Pierce Sarasota Huntsville Jackson, MS
Miami(2) Tampa Mobile (1) Nashville, TN


Our success has occurred primarily in the south over the last 5 decades. Going forward we expect to continue to add branches as needed to service our customers. The next 5-10 years are expected to be very strong in the commercial and residential building sector. It is our goal to to continue to make our services and products  accessible to our customers throughout the South and across the USA.

What We Can Do For You

Project Bidding

Project Bidding

CM can provide you with a comprehensive package to allow for accurate cost determinations to the owners and contractors prior to embarking on a project.

Our Estimating services include:

  • Pre-fabricated rebar estimation packages by lump sum or per ton
  • Material quotations for necessary concrete accessories and chemicals
  • Rental equipment quotations and total cost estimates
  • Building envelope material estimates


CM in-house engineering services work with our manufacturing partners to service the needs of our customers.

Our Engineering Services include:

  • Rebar detailing and fabrication in multiple locations throughout the South
  • Tilt-Up panel design engineering
  • Tilt-Up wall brace rental
  • Helical anchoring system
  • Panel shop drawings including insert placement and rebar placement
  • Panel erection – Lifting and rigging
  • Sandwich panel insulation systems
  • Chemical compatibility guidance for concrete curing, tilt-up bond breakers and floor sealers
  • Solutions for desired concrete performance requirements

Building Envelope

Building Envelope

CM provides products from Division 7 & 9 to help finish out the building. The Building Envelope can protect the owners’ investment from the elements and provide safe work environments for years to come.

  • High-Build Acrylic exterior for the walls
  • Elastomeric coatings
  • Urethane caulking for panel joints
  • Building Silicones
  • Fire rated caulking for penetrations
  • All forms of below grade and above grade waterproofing

Construction Materials has been serving the construction industry since 1968. We have strived to become a true industry partner by supplying the needs of our customers at the highest level of service and reliability. Our Team is dedicated to providing solutions and delivering the service needed to make your project successful.



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